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cutloose This is a modern day masterpiece mixtape. That merges two of the greatest hip hop artists in history and shows the inspiration they had to us all. Mixes and mashed perfectly by a Turntable wizard.
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    Strictly not for profit promotional DJ Mix. Please support Public Enemy & ICE-T directly by visiting publicenemy.com and icet.com

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Release Date: July 28th 2016
Format: Digital Download Exclusively @ Bandcamp
Executed by DJ Bacon 2016 using PE & ICE-T vinyl exclusively.

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Please note this is a strictly not for profit promotional DJ mix.
Please visit publicenemy.com and icet.com and support the artists directly. Big thanks To P.E & ICE-T for the inspiration and dope music.

DJ Bacon returns with another megamix of epic proportions – “Fear OF An O.G” is an extremely dense, often chaotic mix of Public Enemy & Ice-T classics. Well over 150 samples are borrowed from the original vinyl 12 inches & LP’s to create the mix. Samples are cut, blended and sliced by the DJ, revealing some amazing blends, solid turntable skills and a thorough knowledge of the PE and Ice-T catalogue. DJ Bacon has spent nearly 6 months in the studio making the brief 9-minute jam.

Released on July 28th this date also marks the 29th anniversary of the ICE-T debut Rhyme Pays and coincides with the current Art Of Rap Tour PE & ICE-T are headlining.

“Fear Of An OG” is the sequel to the DJ Bacon 2015 release RUN-BST. In October last year DJ Bacon released RUN-BST Megamix – a RUN-DMC & Beastie Boys tribute megamix that received critical acclaim across the globe from the likes of the Beat Junkies, Ego Trip, Ambrosia for Heads, Okayplayer and so many more. DJ Terminator X played the mix in its entirety on his radio show. DJ Q Bert was spotted wearing a RUN-BST shirt recently, the RUN DMC website was flooded with love for the mix.

Check all the reviews here: djbacon.virb.com/reviews--love-for-run-bst

On his new offering, DJ Bacon continues with the theme of blending together a bed of music from 2 similar artists, and on top of this – cutting in different samples that rhyme. The DJ’s knowledge and dedication shines through with the use of rare B-side instrumentals and 12” non-album cuts that give the listener a unique journey.

DJ Bacon comments on the release…. “Public Enemy toured here with Ice-T in 92 and it was the first gig I ever saw…. I was 14 and my parents waited in the car outside the show around the corner for me. Rap was still very much an alternative underground movement then and looked upon with suspicion by the mainstream. I’ve had a passion for music like this since the 80’s – and its bands like Public Enemy that inspire me to keep pushing the boundaries as a DJ with over 20 years in the game. I still play jams from these two artists regularly when I DJ live and when I’m putting a mix like this together in the studio I’m thinking of the real hip hop lovers all the time. Public Enemy means so much to so many heads. I had to make sure this mix was fresh as fuck..... for my own sanity and to maintain the integrity of the work of these legends.”

This is a not for profit release, designed purely for fan enjoyment and the promotion of the original work of these pioneering artists.

For Media enquiries you can get at DJ Bacon direct:

website: djbacon.virb.com
email: therealdjbacon@gmail.com


"I get on the mix late in the night" - Chuck D
"EQ the track exact so shit sounds right" - Ice-T


released July 28, 2016
Executed entirely by DJ Bacon using only PE & ICE-T vinyl
Mastered by Cris Stevens @ Federal audio
Cover picture, design, layout & concept DJ Bacon



all rights reserved


DJ BACON Australia

Brisbane, Australia, DJ Bacon. 20 years plus DJing experience. Hip hop, old school hip hop, megamix, rap, funk, b boy breaks

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